Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If I weren’t married to Susan, would simply be a website full of cute drawings.

When an artist marries a teacher, the teacher is always going to get some free art. Year after year, they are likely to work on one little project after another. The teacher will build a collection of custom-made materials and the artist will begin to understand the resource needs of teachers. Over time, they are likely to produce better and better work for children. Now and then, highly effective learning tools will emerge.

In the past, those custom-made learning aids would only be used in that one teacher’s classroom. Today, they can be shared with teachers, parents and children around the world via the Internet.

Susan’s years of experience in Pre-K, K, and early Primary classrooms, in administration, and in teacher education provide her with invaluable insights into what’s effective, practical, and fun. I write, illustrate, and design. Together, we are building an online resource parents and teachers can use to help young children build early learning skills.

Our site will celebrate 18 years on the World Wide Web at the end of October. It now offers more than 150 unique online activities and stories for young children. Its content is free for use in any home or classroom with Internet access. We also sell downloadable materials to print and use in situations where a computer is not available or practical.

Topics include: Color, Counting, Emotions, Grammar, Holidays, Matching, Mouse Skills, Observation and Discussion, Riddles, Shapes, Spatial Concepts and Opposites, Special Projects, Vocabulary, Weight, Length, and Size, and Writing and Reading. There are also guides for parents and teachers, to help them understand early learning and the active roles they can take in helping children build essential skills.

Educators recommend our site. Parents praise it. Children enjoy it. We invite you to visit and sample our content. You may find many useful ideas and activities to use with your children. 

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